Man has made travel really fast
and safe, and it’s easier than ever now to travel to any location on the planet, near or distant. But as we can imagine, not all places are as safe as we would like them to be.

The ideal trip that most people would like to take is where they
can rest in the sun and smell
the pristine air from the sea
with someone waiting you with
the perfect cocktail, maybe with
a slice of coconut which has
been cut down from the tree
you’re sat next to.

The thoughts of travelling the world and seeing things you thought weren’t possible are astounding to some people. What happens if you would like to visit a picture set scene to relax, but there are certain problems with the destination which is restraining you from going.

Paradise Lost is showing you that there are places around the world with such natural beauty, from mountainous landscapes to gorgeous palm tree filled beaches, yet there seems to be something standing in the way, a huge brick wall which is stopping you from visiting.


On the other side of this brick wall is terrorism, drug and gang related crimes, piracy and many more things which you would not expect to come to a paradise and see therefore holding people back from exploring these locations.



Mogadishu in Somalia, Acapulco in Mexico and Port Moresby in Papua New Guinea were my countries of choice. I researched into them to see what there differences were, and it turns out, they are all very similar, they are all beautiful, and have amazing geography, but they also have that stain of crime and terror  among them.

Mogadishu, Acapulco and Port Moresby have so much potential to be what they once were, the pearl of each country, the paradise that everybody is looking for to go and visit, but because of the human footprint, which brings war, crime and distraught, it then starts to deteriorate, and soon we will not have somewhere to run away to when we want that cocktail on the beach.