This was a group effort to design a means of encouraging people to take care of their own human microbiome (the community of beneficial microbes that live inside our bodies).


Our body is a community containing many trillions of useful microbes which all work together to keep us healthy (forming, feeding and defending us). We are an ecosystem in the same way as a rainforest is. How does our ‘microbiome’ work? What happens when it goes out of balance? How can we help to keep it in balance? How can we apply these lessons to the planet we live on as well as the world within us?

In our bodies bacterial cells outnumber our cells 10:1. We are not individuals, we are ecosystems. Popular understanding that microbes cause illness is changing. We need them. They also regulate our bodies, help prevent diseases and disorders, even affect mood and personality. These new biomedical discoveries could influence how we look at health, nutrition, medicines and our lifestyle decisions in the future.

Illustrations by Joe Pettitt